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“The Huntsman” is the visionary concept of Sons of Fall (SOF) co-founders, Joel Port and Brian Henley. With casting and filming commencing in the fall of 2016, “The Huntsman” boasts a diverse and compelling cast, set for initial release as a TV series in the spring of 2019.


Creating a reality-based competition where hunters were able to showcase not only their skills but their respective cinematography styles and stories, SOF envisioned a show where contestants were chosen from across the world to compete in the ultimate competition of skill - to take their preferred game animal in documentary-style, all the while capturing the nature, beauty, and mystique of their own respective geographic region.


After releasing the novel “In the Service of Lies” (2017) under the pen J. Grishaw, Joel realized he had the unique opportunity to fuse his prior experience within the music industry as a singer/songwriter (Lady Jane - 2016), with his desire to write -- “The Huntsman” plot was born. Teaming with the respected hunter, nature purest and sound technician, Brian Henley, they launched the project, conceptualizing and orchestrating the largest scaled, nature-based reality show ever undertaken. Relying upon prior experience with entertainment agencies, in an industry first, SOF conducted a global-scale search to cast some of today’s top and up-and-coming talent.


The first season will document SOF as they conduct an expansive talent search across the globe (Facebook, YouTube sensations, hunters forums, etc.).  Vetting individuals who not only hold advanced skills in their sport but also the proven ability to document their adventures abroad while displaying a savvy to connect with a viewership comprised of hunters, families and nature lovers alike. The season quickly turns to the cast where cameras capture pre-season scouting, challenges, and unbridled anticipation. From close encounters, missed opportunities and ultimate triumph, lives, stories, and dreams are captured - in Ultra HD, with meticulous attention to digital sound-enhancement and careful attention to the preservation of the individual and intertwining storylines. Season One of The Huntsman concludes with a worldwide fan and peer vote, anointing one cast member as “The Huntsman.” Beyond earning the title and associated winnings, SOF is pleased to announce it will make a commensurate donation to the winners' charity of choice...


Unwilling to accept compromise, The Huntsman pushes the limits of self/team cinematography, bringing viewers closer to the hunt than ever before. Taking the best of nature and reality-show filming, SOF has truly created a first in the industry, providing millions of viewers an unprecedented, global-scale event.

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