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Hello Friends,

Autographs requests make me uncomfortable, those who know me well can attest to this - That said, requests come in through the site, and I have been made aware that many people seek them for original works. With that in mind, I am happy to offer signings, free of charge for as long as I can—what I cannot promise is the turnaround time. Should you chose to order a signed copy, please allow four weeks for the book to get from the warehouse to me, and from my cluttered life to yours.

For now, the only way I can make this service available is through this site, naturally bookstores and Amazon, eBooks, etc., will not carry autographed copies.

The price is to cover the cost of the book and shipping only - there will be no charge for the autograph, which I would not pay a penny for :)

                              Your friend,

                              J. Grishaw

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 If you wish to have an inscription, in the order notes, please write it in quotes exactly as you would like to see it inscribed in your book. Offensive inscriptions cannot be accommodated,. 

"In the Service of Lies" is set for release 14 February 2017. For autograph orders, please allow several weeks after this date. 

Though regrettable, for safety reasons, previously purchased copies may not be accepted for signing via mail

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